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Western New England University degree major in Social Work

Western New England University degree
Western New England University degree

Western New England University is a four-year private comprehensive university in the United States. Buy a Western New England University degree, Founded in 1919, it is located in Springfield, Massachusetts. The picturesque campus covers an area of 215 acres and is divided into liberal arts colleges, business schools, engineering Faculty, the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and the School of Law.

The school is accredited by the New England Association of Colleges and Universities (NEASC); the School of Business is accredited by the Association of International Elite Business Schools (AACSB); the School of Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Technology Council (ABET); Western New England University online degrees, the School of Law is accredited by the American Bar Accreditation of the Association (ABA). 90% In order to allow students to have more opportunities to practice in person.

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Graduated from high school with a GPA of 3.5 or above, TOEFL IBT79 or IELTS 6.0, and SAT scores, students who cannot provide SAT scores can apply for a 4-year undergraduate course first and then apply for a combined undergraduate and master program in the third year of university. Western New England University bachelor’s degree, Application requirements: 3 years before university GPA should be maintained above 3.2, and students applying for MBA programs must provide GMAT scores.

The school has developed a learning program called “Outside the Classroom” – designed to provide students with a comprehensive educational experience on and off campus. This program takes the form of paid internships, participation in leadership forums, community service, and listening to different speeches. Western New England University master’s degree, For newly admitted undergraduate students, Western New England University provides them with additional course counseling and academic supervision to ensure that students can successfully complete the course; for engineering undergraduate students, the school requires each student to participate in the actual project operation in the fourth year.

In addition, the school’s master’s program has 4 semesters per year, and each semester is 11 weeks. The flexible curriculum allows students to complete a master’s degree in business within one year or a master’s degree in engineering within 15 months. In order to enable students to better adapt to the networked society, the Master of Commerce program adopts multimedia teaching methods-each semester includes 6 weeks of classroom teaching and 5 weeks of online teaching, and the two teaching modes are rotated every week.