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University of Mobile degree
University of Mobile degree

The University of Mobile is a 4-year undergraduate comprehensive private institution, that was established in 1961 (Xin Chou year). University of Mobile degree, Located on 830 acres in Mobile, Alabama, the school is known as one of the best religious universities available in the United States.

The University of Mobile offers art, music, biology, accounting, business administration, finance, management information systems, marketing, computer and information technology, education, English, foreign languages and literature, health, nursing, mathematics, History, Psychology, Religion, Physics, Chemistry, Philosophy, Sociology, and other majors.

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The school provides accommodation. Accommodation types include apartments and single dormitories. University of Mobile bachelor degree, Accommodation costs range from USD1000-4260/year, including telephone and cable charges. University of Mobile master’s degree, Students must submit an accommodation application form to move in, the application fee is USD25, and the deposit is USD150.

Church Minister Scholarship, USD3000/year; Minister Scholarship, USD6000/year; buy fake University of Mobile degree, Alabama Baptist Traditional Scholarship, USD750 for the first year; other scholarships mainly include Presidential Scholarship, Academic Scholarship, Artistic Performance Scholarship, Sports Scholarship, etc.