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SCSU diploma
SCSU diploma

Southern Connecticut State University is one of the four-member schools of the Connecticut State University system. The university is located in New Haven and was founded in 1893. The university campus is 78 miles from New York City and 136 miles from Boston. SCSU diploma maker, Among college students, 10.5 percent are black, 6.2 percent are Hispanic, and 2.2 percent are Asian. These students come from 44 states in the United States and 31 countries around the world.

Southern Connecticut State University is one of four universities in Connecticut. SCSU diploma certificate, Founded in 1893, Southern Connecticut State University is the third oldest university in the Connecticut university system. It has 5 colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, College of Business, College of Communication Information Library Science, College of Education, and College of Health and Human Services.

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The College of Arts and Sciences offers majors in Archaeology, Art, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, English, Ethnic Studies, Foreign Languages, Geography, History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Philosophy, Physical Resources, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Educational Science and Environmental Studies, Drama, Urban Studies, Women’s Studies.

The majors offered by the School of Business include accounting, economics, management and management information systems, marketing, and business administration. how to buy SCSU diploma, The majors offered by the School of Communication Information Library Science are Communication, Computer Science, Information and Library Science, and Journalism. fake SCSU diploma maker, The majors offered by the School of Education are Counseling and School Psychology, Elementary Education, Educational Leadership, School Health, Special Education, and Reading. The majors offered by the School of Health and Human Services are Disorder Communication, Marriage and Family Therapy, Nursing, Public Health, Leisure Studies, and Social Work.

The most prestigious college at Southern Connecticut State University is the College of Education. buy SCSU diploma online, It has maintained its leadership core position. More recently, the School of Education at Southern Connecticut State University has added a doctorate in education.