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Rowan University degree
Rowan University degree

Rowan University was founded in 1923. Located in the center of southern New Jersey – Glassboro, between Washington, the capital of the United States, and New York. It was originally a two-year normal school specializing in the training of South New Jersey middle school teachers. Buy Rowan University degree, In 1937, it was changed to a four-year system and changed its name to New Jersey State Teachers College. Later, it developed into a comprehensive university. In 1958 the name was changed to Glassboro State College. buy Rowan University degree online, Due to its unique strategic location, in 1967, US President Johnson and former Soviet Union Chairman Kosygin held a summit meeting between the two countries in the Holly Bush Building of the school, which made the school famous internationally.

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Rowan University has a graduate school and six colleges (business school, media school, education school, engineering school, art school, and liberal arts school). Rowan University psychology degree, There are 10,000 students in the school, with 42 undergraduate majors, 19 postgraduate degree-granting rights, and 38 master and doctoral majors.

In 1992, industrialist Henry Rowan donated 100 million U.S. dollars to the school. Rowan University finance degree, His only condition was: “Build a first-class polytechnic institute.” In 1997, the school changed its name to Rowan University. Rowan University online degrees, After more than ten years of hard work, they realized Mr. Luo Wen’s wish. In recent years, Rowan University has gained a reputation at home and abroad for its high-quality teaching and moderate fees.

Among seniors, more than half were successful in finding full-time employment or planning to attend graduate school before graduation. Rowan University graduates are in short supply, and 95% of graduates can find a corresponding job or enter graduate school within one year. According to a special agreement, 99% of the students recommended by Rowan University can successfully enter medical school and law school for further study. Rowan University business degree, Large companies that come to campus to recruit include Fortune 500 members and large local companies including Lockheed Martin, Prudential Group, Bank of America, Towers Perrin Consulting, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, etc.