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Buy Northwood University degree in Business Administration

Northwood University degree
Northwood University degree

Northwood University (NU for short) is a private university in the United States. Northwood University has three campuses in Midland, Michigan, West Palm Beach, Florida, and Cedar Hill, Texas. Buy Northwood University degree, In addition, the school has 4 international cooperation projects, including the cooperation with Lambton College in Canada in 1998 and the cooperation with Montreux Hotel Management School in Switzerland in 2001.

Since its establishment in 1957, the school has grown from an initial college that only granted specialist degrees in several business fields to a college that can grant a 4-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree in 11 majors and a Master of Business Administration degree from the Management Research Institute. the University. Northwood University business management degree, As of 2009, a total of more than 33,000 students have graduated from Northwood University, including Ms. Candice Miller, a member of the current U.S. House of Representatives, and Dick DeVos, a Michigan Republican governor candidate in 2006.

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The way for university students to obtain a bachelor’s degree is quite different from that of students in other institutions. It is not a single four-year degree system, but a series of “2+2” two-year courses. Students can directly enter the university after completing two years of study. Northwood University online degree, In social work, you can also complete a full four-year course to work or go to graduate school after obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

The school has 11 majors that can award a four-year bachelor’s degree in business administration. The school has the only undergraduate program in automotive trade (marketing) and the Global Automotive Management MBA (GAMBA) in the United States. Northwood University business degrees, The school’s Richard DeVos School of Management offers full-time MBA, executive MBA, senior management EMBA, etc. The managers trained by the school have created enormous wealth for American businesses. Northwood University bachelor’s degree, Its business administration major is quite famous in the United States.