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Maine Maritime Academy diploma
Maine Maritime Academy diploma

The Maine Maritime Academy was established on March 21, 1941. Maine Maritime Academy is a public college. Undergraduate and master’s programs are offered. Maine Maritime Academy is a member of the International Federation of Maritime Universities. buy Maine Maritime Academy diploma, The exchanges and cooperation between Maine Maritime Academy and domestic maritime colleges include Dalian Maritime University and Shanghai Maritime University.

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Maine Maritime Academy was established under Maine Legislation No. 90 of 1941. In the year of its establishment, 29 students were recruited. Because it was World War II, the graduates mainly served in the transportation of war materials. fake Maine Maritime Academy diploma, After World War II, the Maine Maritime Academy ushered in a real period of development. In order to meet the requirements of the fast-growing merchant fleet in the United States, the Maine Maritime Academy changed the 3-year schooling system to a 4-year schooling system, allowing students to obtain a bachelor’s degree, and opened other majors with nautical majors as the core. The school has its own practice ship berthing dock and various ancillary facilities.

The practice ship State of Maine of the Maine Maritime Academy was originally used for naval hydrographic surveying. Maine Maritime Academy graduate diploma, In 1997, it was transformed and handed over to the Maine Maritime Academy for practice purposes, and it was named after the state of Maine. buy a Maine Maritime Academy diploma, The ship is equipped with a total of 42 crew members, including 12 senior crew members and the rest are ordinary crew members.

The college is divided into 6 departments, they are marine research, power engineering technology, international business, and logistics. Maine Maritime Academy diploma certificate.