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MABTS degree
MABTS degree

Founded in 1971, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is a special institution primarily devoted to theological education in the United States, located in Germantown, Tennessee. If you want a MABTS degree, please contact us.

Originally known as the School of the Prophets, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary was founded to provide theological education for those who responded to God’s call and were committed to vocational Christian service. buy MABTS degree online, It was only in the next few years that Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary officially assumed its current name, and the campus moved several times, finally relocating to Tennessee in 2006.

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The college also has a campus in Albany, New York, and also offers online courses. MABTS degree online, In the course of its development, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary was accredited and authorized by the Commission on Colleges and Universities of the Southern States Association of Schools to provide higher education.

With the approval and authorization of the relevant authorities, fake MABTS degree, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary can award degrees such as Associate of Divinity, Associate of Christian Education, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Preaching, Master of Christian Education, Doctor of Pastoral Care, and Doctor of Philosophy. MABTS bachelor’s degree, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary professes Baptist doctrine and is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Conservative Convention, Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary is in the process of developing to a higher level.