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Lasell College diploma
Lasell College diploma

Lasell College is named after its founder, Edward Lasell. Buy Lasell College diploma, Working as the Professor of Chemistry at Williams College in Williamstown, Mass., he established the Auburndale Female Seminary in 1851 when he was inspired to dedicate more time and effort to women’s education.

Although Lasell died soon after of typhoid fever, the women’s school he founded blossomed into a private non-sectarian co-educational four-year institution. Lasell College diploma certificate, Located in the Newton, Mass. village of Auburndale — after which it was initially named — Lasell College has truly stuck with its motto: Repulse Nescia, a Latin phrase that translates into “ignorant of defeat.” Consisting of 41 buildings — with more than half of them serving as student dormitories — Lasell’s campus covers about 50 acres.

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Although Lasell is primarily an institution that offers undergraduate degree programs, it started offering graduate-level programs in 2002. As of 2013, this college has about 1,800 students; about 90 percent of them are undergraduates. Lasell College diploma replacement, The undergraduate student-to-faculty ratio is 14 to 1, and there are fewer than 25 students in about 95 percent of undergraduate classes. fake Lasell College diploma maker, More than 30 percent of the student body is male.

All of the online or partly online programs at Lasell College are at the graduate level. As of 2013, there are 27 of them. buy fake Lasell College diploma, They can be found in the following departments or categories: Master of Science in Communication, Master of Science in Management, Master of Science in Sport Management, and Graduate Certificate. Students can specialize in areas such as elder care administration, public relations, health communication, sports leadership, fundraising management, and human resources management.