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Marietta College degree
Marietta College degree

Marietta College was founded in 1797 and has a history of nearly 220 years. Buy Marietta College degree, It is one of the 37 four-year undergraduate universities established in the United States before 1800. The school is located in southeastern Ohio, surrounded by water on three sides, in the picturesque city of Marietta (founded in 1788).

The university covers an area of 120 acres and has more than 40 distinctive teaching buildings, dormitory buildings, laboratories, libraries, and well-equipped sports venues. There are more than 1,400 students in the school, nearly 90% of whom are from various states in the United States. Marietta College business degree, The ratio of teachers to students is 1:12, more than 92% of the professors have doctoral degrees, and the faculty is strong. In the “US News & World Report” in 1993, Marietta College ranked first among hundreds of four-year undergraduate liberal arts colleges in more than a dozen states in the Midwest of the United States.

Marietta College’s majors are mainly undergraduate, with a total of 44 majors and 55 minors (including certified accounting, international business management, Marietta College online degrees, economics, political science, advertising and public relations, public relations, etc.) communication, metals, management, sports medicine, petroleum engineering, biochemistry, physics, geology, etc.), involving humanities, economics, business, social sciences, environmental protection, education, art, science, and other fields;

And it has a 3 + 2 joint degree program (3-year Bachelor of Arts + 2-year Bachelor of Engineering) with Columbia University in New York. Master’s programs include psychology and physician assistant. Marietta College bachelor degrees, The quiet campus, comfortable dormitories, modern laboratories, well-equipped sports venues, and humanized student management provide a good study environment for students studying in Marietta.