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COC degree
COC degree

College of the Canyons (COC) was established in 1969. Buy COC degree, It is a two-year public community college that combines an excellent education system and a mature transfer system. It is recognized by the Ministry of Education of China and certified by the Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WASC). One of 115 public community colleges in California, USA.

Since its establishment, the college has not only offered 76 associate degree courses and 66 professional certification training courses in special fields but also paid more attention to the teaching standards of general courses and basic courses. COC bachelor degree, With its outstanding teaching quality and being in the top 5 in California, The successful transfer rate has become the top community college in the United States.

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Canyons University offers programs of study in 76 major areas of study, including business administration, economics, physics, computer science, communication studies, graphic arts, chemistry, fashion design, biology, and engineering. COC business degree, We place great emphasis on the personal interaction between teachers and students, and class sizes are small with around 30 students. In addition to professional academics, the college pays more attention to the learning effect of students’ general courses and the ability of basic professional courses. The majors that can be transferred include more than 100 majors in the fields of humanities, social sciences, and scientific mathematics. UC or Cal State lay a better foundation.

College of the Canyons – International Services & Programs (ISP), referred to as ISP, the office is located in the Student Support Center, Room123. ISP is the International Student Service Center of Canyon University, which is mainly responsible for the recruitment of international students and academic affairs in the United States. COC accounting degree, It includes, but is not limited to, recruiting students from countries other than the United States, assisting students in enrolling, reviewing, and issuing I-20 and admission-related documents, providing academic-related information consultation and guidance, transfer, graduation, and employment consultation and guidance, and other related educational affairs.

The school team is named Cougar-Puma and includes 12 sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, golf, softball, baseball, ice hockey, swimming, track and field, and cross-country running. COC degrees and certificates, As of 2017, the Cougars have won 179 conference championships, 31 state championships, and 1 national championship.