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Charleston Southern University degree
Charleston Southern University degree

Charleston Southern University is a four-year private liberal arts university in the United States recognized by the Ministry of Education of China. Fake Charleston Southern University degree, It was established in 1964 and is located in Charleston, South Carolina.

The purpose of the school is to enable students to receive excellent academic education in a Christian atmosphere. Charleston Southern University online degree, Southern Charleston University has a high-quality faculty with more than 2,500 students and a teacher-student ratio of 1:17.

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Southern Charleston University pays attention to the development of students’ comprehensive qualities in terms of intelligence, social, cultural, spiritual, and emotional aspects. In addition to learning the core liberal arts courses, students also need to study general education courses, such as English, art, history, Mathematics, computer reading, and writing, foreign languages, natural sciences, religion, philosophy, social sciences, etc. fake Charleston Southern University degree certificate, At the same time, students can also conduct specialized research in a certain field. The school adopts a 4-1-4 curriculum system, and the featured courses are computer literacy, personal value theory, and ethics. Charleston Southern University bachelor’s degree, Students have to take 125 hours of classes so far in each semester. The fall semester is from September to December, and the spring semester is from February to May.

Masters: Primary Education, Secondary Education, Criminal Justice, Business Administration. Bachelor of Arts: Business, English, Fine Arts, Music (emphasis on vocal and church music), music education (emphasis on choral and conducting), music therapy, religion, Spanish, speech and drama arts, and youth ministry. How to get a Charleston Southern University degree, BS: Biochemistry, Biology, Business Administration (emphasis in Accounting, Finance, Information Management, etc.)