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CCC degree
CCC degree

Columbia College Chicago abbreviated as CCC or Columbia, is a media arts college founded in Chicago in 1890. Columbia College Chicago is known for its top-notch film, photography, theater, and music. CCC degree, It is a member of CILECT, the International Federation of Film and Television Schools, and has a deep presence in the arts, culture, and entertainment in the United States. Its alumni have produced several Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tony Award winners as well as many film and television executives, fashion executives, and independent artists.

Columbia College Chicago is located in downtown Chicago, the third largest city in the United States, and also has a Hollywood campus in Los Angeles. CCC business degree, According to the 2021 Hollywood Reporter rankings, Columbia College Chicago’s film school is ranked 12th in the nation, placing it among the top film schools in the United States.

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Columbia College Chicago has over 60 majors, the most popular of which include: filmmaking, arts management, music, journalism, and photography. CCC associates degree, The school has been highly regarded as a top film school in the U.S. Undergraduate students can choose their major direction (including directing, screenwriting, producing, etc.) or not. CCC degree certificate, Columbia College Chicago is not only a partner of the Chicago International Film Festival, but the college itself is also a cultural center in Chicago, with several centers for dance, music, book studies, and a museum of contemporary photography.

Columbia College Chicago has a very close academic exchange relationship with Peking University, Beijing Film Academy, Central Academy of Drama, Communication University of China, and Tongji University in China.

In 2011, YouTube selected the CCC School of Television and the University of Southern California School of Film as the starting program schools for the YouTube Institute for Creative Writing. CCC bachelor’s degree, The school was named in anticipation of the Chicago World’s Fair, so Columbia College Chicago does not have any direct relationship with schools such as Columbia University and Columbia Hollywood College.