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Bowie State University diploma
Bowie State University diploma

Bowie State University is a public school in Bowie, with a total student population of 5,600. fake Bowie State University diploma, Its strong majors are English and modern languages, fine arts, and performing arts. It was founded in 1865.

Powe State University was established on January 9, 1865, in Powe, Maryland, USA, and is part of the University of Maryland system. Bowie State University diploma copy, Poway State University is the oldest historically black university in Maryland and one of the ten oldest universities in Poway County.

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Powe State University offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degrees with a wide range of majors, providing students with a wide range of study options. The teacher-student ratio of Powe State University is 1:15, and the quality of the teaching staff is high. fake Bowie State University diploma, 92% of the full-time teachers have a master’s degree or above, and 64% of the teachers have a doctorate. Bowie State University diploma replacement, Among six historically black institutions of higher learning/university, the National Science Foundation has recognized Powi State University’s science, engineering and mathematics programs as a model of institutional excellence.

Powe State University consists of the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Business, the College of Education, and the College of Professional Studies. buy Bowie State University diploma, Each college is divided into the Department of Communication, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of English and Modern Languages, the Department of Fine Arts and Performing Arts, the Department of History and Government, and the Department of Mathematics. , Department of Military Science, Department of Natural Science, Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Department of Management Information System, Department of Management, Marketing and Public Administration, Department of Consulting, Department of Nursing, Department of Psychology, Department of Social Work, a total of 18 departments.