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Bloomfield College diploma
Bloomfield College diploma

Founded in 1850, Bloomfield College is a well-known private boarding school. The school admits students aged 13-18. fake Bloomfield College diploma, The village where Bloomfield College is located covers 200 acres. Bradfield College has many advantages, but the most important thing is to give your son or daughter a unique style and a personality of great value.

The college has the best sports facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, 3 indoor tennis courts, an indoor sports center, 10 football fields, 2 all-weather courts, 5 cricket courts, 2 squash courts, 5 handball courts, a hockey field, and a bowling field.

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More than 20 junior high school GCSE courses have been opened; 31 high school A-level courses have been opened. Through the scholarship examination, students may receive academic scholarships and music scholarships ranging from 10% to 50% of all tuition fees, as well as the “Bloomfield College Award”. buy fake Bloomfield College diploma, In 2003, 90% of the graduates entered the university to study undergraduate courses, and 10% of the students entered Oxbridge. buy a fake Bloomfield College diploma, In 2008, the school ranked 244th in the A-Level examination results of private secondary schools in the UK, and A+B accounted for 70.89% of the total subjects.

Students: Ages 13-18. The school has a total of 705 students, 117 are non-boarding (83 boys, 34 girls) and 588 are boarding (383 boys, 205 girls).

Entry requirements: The main entry ages are 13 and 16 years old. Bloomfield College diploma certificate, Exams and interviews are usually required. Students entering Year 12 are considered for GCSE results, interviews, internal tests, and school reports. fake Bloomfield College diploma maker, There are no other special requirements, and no religious affiliation is required.