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Brightwood College diploma
Brightwood College diploma

Brighton College was built in 1845 and is located in Kemp, Brighton. The campus is very beautiful, and there are many entertainment venues around the teaching buildings. It was originally a boys’ college, but in 1973, 60% of girls were enrolled there until 1988. fake Brightwood College diploma, The quality of teaching at the college is very high, and the pass rate of students’ examination results is also very high.

Plus, there are societies that are elected by students. fake Brightwood College diploma, There are student representatives from various countries in the club, some of them are good at music, and art and some are good at sports and games. It often organizes various club activities. At Brighton College, you can use your talents freely. In 2018 Brighton schools topped the overall UK rankings (The Times).

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In 2018, it was selected as the best school of the year by The Sunday Times. There are only three schools that have won this award twice, and Brighton is one of them. The last time it won the award was in 2011. GCSE courses, AS courses, and A-levels courses. how to buy Brightwood College diploma, More than 30% of students choose technology/engineering A-levels courses; 39% take art/anthropology; less than 30% of students take other courses. Brightwood College diploma certificate, Language types: French, Spanish, Mandarin, and Latin are offered at GCSE, AS, and A-levels. Information and Communication Technology: taught and passed as a separate subject. There are 90 computers available to students (12 hours/day), most of which are equipped with webmail functions. Most students receive qualifications.

Music: Nearly 40% of students learn an instrument and take an instrumental exam. where to buy Brightwood College diploma, There are 9 bands, including orchestra, choir, wind band, horn blowing, brass instruments, string instruments, etc. Members of the Brighton and East Sussex Youth Orchestras have been finalists in the National Academy of Music Instrumental Competition.

Drama: The Drama course hosts the Hui Ying Society Public Speaking Competition. Many students created campus work. Recent works include The Admirer, Clayton, Me and My Girl, Cabaret, Guys and Dolls, and Timon of Athens. buy Brightwood College diploma, Art and Design: On average 25 people take GCSE and 25 people take A-levels. The school also offers courses in design and photography. Every year 4-5 people enter the art school.