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Universität Wien transcript
Universität Wien transcript

The present headquarters of the University of Vienna was built between 1877 and 1884 AD. The original school headquarters is located on the Ignaz-Seipel square near the Stuben Gate, where the old university church and the Austrian Academy of Sciences are still present. Buy Universität Wien transcript online, In 1878, the Faculty of Arts began to admit female students conditionally, and 11 years later, in 1897, women were admitted to the school as full-time students for the first time, but initially, they could only be admitted to the Faculty of Philosophy. The rest of the colleges later began to admit women: the medical school in 1900, the law school in 1919, the Protestant seminary in 1923, and in 1946 the most conservative Catholic seminary finally officially began to admit female students.

In 1389, the school had registered 325 students. Since its establishment, with the support and help of the government, church, royal family, and people from all walks of life, the University of Vienna has expanded from 4 colleges to 8 and established libraries, research institutes, observatories, museums, and various research centers. buy Universität Wien transcripts, Many majors have added new majors and new disciplines, and have cultivated a large number of talents. In the history of the school, 27 people have won the Nobel Prize, and there have been well-known founders and philosophers of psychoanalysis like Freud. fake Universität Wien transcript, At the same time, the school’s welfare has been improved, and facilities such as hospitals, canteens, sports centers, etc. have been opened; the school’s enrollment has expanded from boys to girls, from believers to non-believers. Universität Wien academic transcript, In addition, through the promulgation of various bills, the school has gradually improved its management system and strengthened its construction.

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After the Second World War, the University of Vienna continued to strengthen its ties and cooperation with international academic institutions, such as the University of California, Berkeley, Georgetown University, Humboldt University in Germany, etc., sending teachers and students to foreign universities and participating in international exchanges. Universität Wien official transcript, The University of Vienna is also an academic research center in Austria and the Danube region. Every year, a large number of seminars are held, and various information materials and planning suggestions are provided to the government.

The elegant cultural atmosphere and beautiful natural scenery make the University of Vienna unique. Walking on the campus of the University of Vienna is like wandering in the kingdom of art. The main building of the university in the classical style of the European Renaissance is the center of the University of Vienna. The whole building is 161 meters long and 133 meters wide, covering an area of ​​about 21,500 square meters. how to buy Universität Wien transcript, It consists of two symmetrical teaching buildings, facing the ring city. Avenue, the two sides are connected by a promenade, backed by the road. where to buy Universität Wien transcript, The basement is a majestic auditorium, and in the center of the second floor is the celebration auditorium, one side is the conference room, and the other side is the principal’s office and other administrative agencies.