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Universität Wien degree
Universität Wien degree

German: Universität Wien; English: The University of Vienna was founded by Rudolf IV in 1365 and is located in Vienna, the capital of the Republic of Austria. Buy Universität Wien degree, It is the first university and the highest institution in Austria, and the oldest university in the German-speaking world. fake Universität Wien degree certificate, The academic center has produced 21 Nobel Prize winners.

The University of Vienna is the largest university in Austria and one of the largest universities in Europe, with as many as 90,000 students, 15 colleges and 5 research centers, and more than 80 school buildings scattered in various districts of Vienna. Universität Wien master’s degree, Among them, the old and magnificent main campus is located in the first district of Vienna. University of Vienna online degree, Vienna City Hospital is also affiliated with the University of Vienna. Universität Wien bachelor’s degree, The University of Vienna is a member of the European Association of Universities, the European Capital University Alliance, the European Association of Research Universities, and the European University Foundation.

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The University of Vienna was established in 1365 by the donation of Prince Rudolf IV of the Habsburg dynasty. Later, Prince Albrecht III established and improved the seminary, law school, medical school, and philosophy school through reform and expansion, making the school develop into the political, religious, cultural, and economic center of Europe at that time.

The embryonic form of the University of Vienna was originally founded on March 12, 1365, by Duke Rudolf IV and his brothers Albert III and Leopold III. buy Universität Wien degree, It was the second university in the Holy Roman Empire at the time, and the second German-speaking university in the world (the first being the Charles University in Prague), originally modeled after the University of Paris. double degree University of Vienna, In 1383, the University of Vienna was not well run and was donated by Rudolf IV’s brother and Albert III to reform the school administration and become a first-class university in the eastern German-speaking region.