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How can I obtain a Sapienza Università di Roma transcript?

Sapienza Università di Roma transcript
Sapienza Università di Roma transcript

Sapienza Università di Roma is the largest national university in Italy, founded in 1303, with 19,631 faculty members and 107,327 students. Since the reform in 2011, the university had a total of 21 colleges (19 colleges and aeronautical engineering colleges and archives and library colleges), such as architecture colleges, liberal arts colleges, etc., of which there are more than 130 departments. As of 2002, the university has 160 professional first-level degree programs, including scholarships for foreign students. Fake Sapienza Università di Roma transcript, English-taught courses are 2-year Master of Government Administration and Humanities.

Sapienza Università di Roma has a total of 7 campuses, with the Sapienza Università di Roma campus as the main campus, 5 campuses in the Lazio region, and 1 campus in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

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Compared with other universities in Italy, Sapienza Università di Roma not only has a large number of people and a large scale, but it is also quite distinctive in terms of campus construction and architecture. Sapienza Università di Roma official transcript, There are both ancient and simple sculptures with a long history and buildings with a strong religious atmosphere, with smooth lines and shapes. The simple teaching building adds a lot of modern flavor to the school.

The campus architectural features of Sapienza Università di Roma are an important part of the university culture. Due to the special geographical and historical environment, the University of Rome had a strong religious background at the beginning of its establishment, which also had a profound impact on the future development of the university. In the 1930s, the University of Rome officially became a national comprehensive university in Italy. The university began to re-plan the campus construction. fake Sapienza Università di Roma transcript, The architects designed the overall layout of the university campus into a cross shape according to the religious concept. There are nearly 10 famous Italian and foreign scholars. The architects participated in the design and construction of the buildings of the various colleges of the university. These buildings combined the popular architectural styles of the 1930s with the architectural features of northern Italy, creating the glory of the architectural history of the University of Rome. how to buy Sapienza Università di Roma transcript, The general characteristic of the architecture of the University of Rome is that they are closely related to the development of the times. The brand of the times can be seen from the architectural characteristics, and some buildings reflect the typical architectural characteristics of northern Italy.