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Lebanese International University transcript, LIU official transcript copy

Lebanese International University transcript
Lebanese International University transcript

The Lebanese International University (LIU; Arabic: الجامعة اللبنانية الدولية) is a private university established by philanthropist and former Lebanese Minister of Defense and Education Abdul Rahim Mourad. Buy Lebanese International University transcript, The language of instruction is English.

The Lebanese International University was established in April 2001 by Presidential Decree No. 5294 as “Bekaa University” with its magnificent campus built in western Lebanon. LIU official transcript, Beqaa Valley; Al-Khyara in Western Beqaa (Al-Beqaa al-Gharbi). In June 2002, the first freshman program graduated, opened in Beirut, and the name was changed to “Lebanon International University”, or “LIU” for short. Five other campuses were later established: Sidon in southern Lebanon, Thiel, Nabatih, Tripoli, and Mount Lebanon.

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Liu has established buildings in Aden, Sana’a, and Taiz in Yemen, as well as two other campuses in Yemen in Mauritania and Senegal. Lebanese International University academic transcript, LIU also has branches in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, and Syria.

LIU has nine campuses in various locations in Lebanon: Beqaa, Beirut, Saida, Nabati, Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Tyre, Lajak, and Harba-Aqua. Facilities provided on each campus include, but are not limited to, laboratories, libraries, audio-visual rooms, and more. buy a Lebanese International University transcript, The Bekaa campus is the “mother” of LIU’s many campuses in Lebanon. It has a main canteen with a capacity of 500 people, several shops and restaurants, dormitories for male and female students, and a variety of recreational facilities including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, football pitch, several green spaces, and car parks. fake Lebanese International University transcript, The Beirut campus is located near the central district of Beirut and consists of seven buildings. There is also a cafeteria on campus. LIU academic transcript, Large auditoriums, underground car parks, and apartment buildings owned near the university campus provide accommodation for male and female students.