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Juntendo University diploma
Juntendo University diploma

Juntendo University was founded by Sato Tairan in 1838. It was taken from the “Book of Changes” “Shuntian responds to people” and Mencius’ “Those who follow the sky survive, and those who go against the sky perish”, buy Juntendo University diploma, that is, people should respect Nature, the idea of harmony and unity with nature, its emblem uses the image of the word “benevolence”.

At that time, it became the education center of Western medicine in Japan. In addition to running the hospital, Shang took the lead to participate in the establishment of many universities such as Tokyo Medical University and Women’s Art University. buy fake Juntendo University diploma, The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tokyo was also founded by Sato Shangzhong, the third-generation master of Shun Tendo. When the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tokyo was officially established, 22 professors The 20 students came from Shuntian, and at that time, the situation of basic research in Dongda and clinical research in Shuntian was formed.

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Juntian University has the Department of Medicine (Medical Department), the Department of International Education (International Education Department), the Department of Sports and Health Sciences (Sports Science Department, Sports Management Department, Health Department), the Department of Medical Nursing (Nursing Department), and the Graduate School has a medical department. Graduate School, Graduate School of Sports and Health Sciences, Graduate School of Medical Nursing.

Juntendo University has played a huge role in the history of Japanese medicine. fake Juntendo University diploma maker, By 2014, the school has 6 faculties, 2 colleges, and 6 affiliated hospitals of the Ministry of Medicine (the number of beds is 3199), and it is a well-equipped health comprehensive university and graduate school university. How to buy Juntendo University diploma, While the school has substantial liberal arts education and professional basic education in the Faculty, the Graduate School is responsible for a high degree of professional education and research functions. Juntendo University diploma replacement, The education and research functions of the university hospital are well-organized, which gathers the wisdom of many teachers.