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IGONU diploma, fake Indira Gandhi National Open University degree

IGONU diploma
IGONU diploma

In January 1985, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi announced to the nation that he would establish the National Open University named after his mother, former Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Buy a fake IGONU diploma, In September, Parliament passed the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act. In November of the same year, Indira Gandhi National Open University (Indira Gandhi National Open University, hereinafter referred to as Indira Gandhi National Open University) officially laid the foundation stone and is still the only national open university in India.

In accordance with the provisions of this legislation, Indira Gandhi National Open University has the responsibility to introduce and promote the Open University distance education system across the country, and to promote the internal collaboration and standard setting of this system. IGONU diploma library science, The Gandhi National Open University of India, through the mechanism of the Distance Education Council, plays the role of the University and the leading agency for Open Distance Learning in India.

Indira Gandhi National Open University has 11 colleges, including bachelor’s degree programs or certificate programs in various majors in general education, as well as certificate programs in computer applications, master’s degree programs in distance education, and certificate programs in human resource development. IGONU diploma in nutrition and health education, A wide range of degree and certificate courses; a total of 125 majors, providing more than 1,000 kinds of courses, the number of students in the school has also grown from 4,381 in 1986-1987 to about 1.5 million in 2006-2007, Its registered students account for more than one-tenth of the total number of college students in India, and it claims to be “the largest university in the world”.

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In particular, Indira Gandhi National Open University currently has 16 doctoral programs and 20 master’s programs. IGONU diploma in elementary education, Its 16 doctoral disciplines are Education, Economics, History, Tourism Studies, Library and Information Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Political Science, Mathematics, Physics, Hindi, English, Management, Commerce, and 2 Ph.D. programs in Physics and Mathematics in conjunction with the Harish Chandra Institute in Allahabad.

The school has more than 1,000,000 registered students and is in a leading position in communication and information technology in distance education.

The source of students is still the majority (about 80%) of the urban middle class, and only 20% of students are from rural areas. IGONU diploma in early childhood care and education, From the perspective of the gender of the student body, men are still the majority, accounting for 75%, while the female participation rate of 25% is far from the expected level of equality between men and women. Socially and educationally disadvantaged groups have not been able to take advantage of the Open University system for a number of reasons. IGONU diploma in psychology, Only 6 to 7 percent of the student body is from disadvantaged groups, and even fewer are from tribal and disabled groups.

In 2003, the total number of students enrolled in distance education courses in general colleges and open universities accounted for as much as 20% of the total number of students in higher education in India. IGONU diploma in guidance and counselling, Indira Gandhi National Open University itself has more than one million students, accounting for 10% of the total number of students in higher education.