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HKCEE certificate
HKCEE certificate

Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, HKCEE, commonly known as CE, is a public examination organized by the Hong Kong Examinations Board for students who have completed the 5-year secondary school curriculum in all Chinese and English secondary schools in Hong Kong. Designed to measure the level of academic ability of students. Buy fake HKCEE certificate, The results of the HKCEE are recognized by the Hong Kong government and can be used as an academic qualification for calculating salary. Students who take this test can be promoted to college preparatory studies if their scores meet certain requirements.

Candidates can choose from 1 to 10 subjects, including liberal arts, science, business, and some technical subjects. The scores of each subject are divided into 6 grades, namely A, B, C, D, E, and F. Those with grades below F will not be graded, and grades E will be regarded as passing grades. HKCEE certificate diploma, Except for the four subjects of English Language, English Shorthand, English Typing, and Buddhist Studies, grades A, B, and C in each subject can be recognized as a general pass in the British General Diploma of Education Examination.

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Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination abbreviated as HKCEE, commonly known as CE, and also formerly known as School Cert. in English; Hong Kong School Certificate Examination) is one of the public exams sponsored by the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority. , the results will be announced in the second week of August. Candidates are mainly school candidates who have completed Form 5 in seven-year secondary schools, but there are also self-study students who apply for the examination. buy a fake HKCEE certificate, In the early days, there was also a secondary school entrance examination for students who completed the entire secondary school curriculum. fake HKCEE certificate, In 2009, the number of applicants was 119,007, of which 88,308 were school candidates; 30,699 were self-study students. In 2010, there were 127,162 applicants for the “Last National Examination” (ie, the last session open to fresh school candidates), of which 90,063 were school candidates and 37,099 were self-study students.

Due to the education reform in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination will be replaced by the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination. The 2011 HKCEE is the last session (commonly known as “Ultimate HKCEE”, which means the real last “Last HKCEE”), and it was held from April to May of that year. Candidates can only apply as self-study students instead of It is reopened for school candidates to take the exam. how to buy HKCEE certificate, In the 34 years from 1978, when the Hong Kong Examinations Board took over the HKCEE, to 2011, a total of about 4,399,100 candidates have applied for the HKCEE.

In 2008, the number of applicants was 109,574, of which 84,690 were school candidates; 24,884 were self-study students. In 2007, the number of applicants was 105,266, of which 80,690 were school candidates; 24,576 were self-study students. In 1979, the then Hong Kong Examinations Board took over the Hong Kong Secondary School Examination. At present, the examination is scheduled to be held from March to June every year. where to buy HKCEE certificate, The examinations of the main subjects will be held from April to May, and the oral examinations of Chinese, English, and Putonghua will be held from May to early July. The test results are generally announced in early August, the next Wednesday after the announcement of the first admission results of the Joint University Admissions Method (hereinafter referred to as the University Joint Admissions).