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Feng Chia University degree
Feng Chia University degree

Feng Chia University, FCU is a comprehensive private university located in Taichung City, Taiwan Province of China. In order to commemorate Mr. Qiu Fengjia, an anti-Japanese scholar, its predecessor “Fengjia Business School” was founded in 1961, starting with engineering and business studies. Buy Feng Chia University degree.

On August 1, 1980, it was officially restructured into a university. Feng Chia University aims to become a “well-known university in the Asia-Pacific region with excellent teaching and breakthrough research focus” as its development vision.

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As one of the established private schools in Taiwan Province of China, its teaching effectiveness and academic reputation are outstanding. In the QS World University Rankings in the UK in 2018, Fengjia University ranked 800-1000 in the world, ranking first among comprehensive private schools. buy fake FCU diploma. In the 2013 British TIMES World University Rankings, Fengjia University ranked 98th in Asia. In the 2019 British TIMES World University Rankings, Fengjia University ranked 251-300 in Asia.

In 2016 Cheers Magazine “Top 20 Universities with Outstanding Performance and Progress in Principals’ Mutual Evaluation”, 145 university presidents named other universities, and Feng Chia University’s school performance once again ranked first in Taiwan. How to order FCU degree certificate? From 2005 to 2016, every year, he received a scholarship from the Taiwan Education Authority’s Teaching Excellence Program (similar to the Mainland 211 Project) and won first place in Taiwan for teaching excellence nine times. Private universities (as of 2016) . The 2022QS World University Rankings are in the 1001-1200 range.

Feng Chia University degree back
Feng Chia University degree back

On November 4, 1992, at the regular meeting of the Student Activity Center of Feng Chia University, the Academic Committee and the Science and Technology Committee took the lead in putting forward a tentative proposal for the reform of the system, and the Student Activity Center and the Special Committee of the Student Representative Association were engaged in the preparations for the Student Union. Buy fake Feng Chia University degree.

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After 18 months of hard work, on May 3, 1994, the students of the whole school elected the first student council president, vice president, and student councilor. He was sworn in on May 21, and officially abolished the Student Activity Center and Student Representative Council on June 3. Feng Chia University’s student self-government has taken a big step forward.

The Student Union of Feng Chia University was established in accordance with the University Law and the Organization Regulations of Feng Chia University. Appraisal and arbitration is aimed at pursuing school progress, learning a democratic system, maintaining campus harmony, and strengthening service to students; the affairs are handled to cover the entire campus and public affairs of associations.