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UiTM diploma template, fake Universiti Teknologi MARA degree

UiTM diploma
UiTM diploma

Universiti Teknologi MARA, referred to as UiTM, is a public university in Malaysia certified by the Ministry of Education of China. Buy UiTM diploma, Universiti Teknologi MARA was established in 1956 and now has 1 main campus, 13 state campuses, and 21 satellite campuses. Among them, the state campus in Selangor is only 28 kilometers away from the capital Kuala Lumpur.

It is the largest and largest university in Malaysia in terms of size and students. UiTM diploma sains, Universiti Teknologi MARA uses English as the language of instruction and offers preparatory, junior, undergraduate, master, and doctoral teaching programs. UiTM pra diploma, There are mainly 21 departments, namely: Music Department, Law Department, Management Research and Policy Research Department, Communication and Media Department, Literature and Design Department, Film Drama and Animation Department, Education Department, Electric Power Engineering Department, Chemical Engineering Department, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Medicine, Department of Dentistry, Department of Health, Department of Applied Science, Department of Computer and Mathematics, Department of Architectural Planning and Surveying, Department of Sports and Leisure, Department of Agriculture, Department of Accounting, Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, Department of Information Management, Department of Business Management.

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It offers more than 500 academic teaching programs, with 17,000 academic and non-academic faculty members and more than 15,000 students, including local and international students. UiTM diploma sains computer, The teaching time of the taught and mixed postgraduate students of the University of Technology Mara Malaysia is generally in March and September each year, UiTM diploma farmasi, but the research postgraduates are open and recruited throughout the year.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia ranks among the top 2.8% in the world rankings, and some of these majors are ranked very high in QS. UiTM diploma pengajian perniagaan, For example, Arts and Humanities ranked 239th, Engineering and Technology ranked 180th, and Social Sciences and Management ranked 198th. There are also some majors on the list, such as Architecture/Environmental Construction, Art and Design, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Information Systems, Agriculture and Planting, Medicine, Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Chemistry, Accounting and Finance, and education and business management, UiTM diploma perakaunan, not only that, all disciplines of TU Mara are accredited by the Malaysian Institute of Discipline Quality.