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Ohio ID
Ohio ID

If you misplace your OHIO ID card, you can quickly deactivate it from the eAccounts mobile app or website. Buy Ohio ID. Once your card is deactivated, it can’t be used to access any campus services. If you find your OHIO ID card before you get a new one printed, you can reactivate it. This service if free and unlimited.

Where to buy Ohio driver’s license?

If your OHIO ID card is lost or stolen, please visit Bobcat Depot, located on the ground floor of Baker University Center, to get a new one printed. Your PID will remain the same but the 16-digit ISO number on the back of the card will change each time you get a new one. State of Ohio ID, Once a new OHIO ID card is printed, the old ones will be frozen and will not work – even if you reactivate them on the mobile app or on the web.

Ohio ID back
Ohio ID back

Ohio introduced its new Driver’s License and ID card July 2, 2018. Buy Ohio ID. Two options are now available: the Compliant or Standard card. What’s the difference? The compliant option meets national security requirements for air travel. The next paragraph explains the need for two licenses and why air travel requires a different license.