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University of Mainz transcript
University of Mainz transcript

Johann Gutenberg University Mainz is a comprehensive university that offers a wide range of courses and research. Fake University of Mainz transcript, Students can choose from almost all fields of higher education: from jurisprudence and economics, social sciences, humanities, sciences, and natural sciences, from human medicine and dentistry to music, arts, and sports integration, offering higher education in the German landscape unique.

With its efficient and sustainable management of scientific research, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz has been a leading university in German-speaking countries for over ten years. Back in 1999, the central government of the JGU restructured a new management model to support innovation based on research. This reform process included the modernization of administrative structures and procedures and the realignment of faculties in 2005. University of Mainz academic transcript, National Center for Higher Education (CHE) honored with JGU’s Effort and Best Practice Award 2002. Johann Gutenberg University is home to ten faculties in Mainz, the School of Music, and the Mainz School of the Arts. University of Mainz transcript copy, This is the base unit of JG. With the University Council, the President, and the Senate, the University is the central executive body.

University of Mainz transcript official stamp
University of Mainz transcript official stamp

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The first University of Mainz goes back to the Archbishop of Mainz, Prince-elector, and Reichserzkanzler Adolf II von Nassau. At the time, establishing a university required papal approval and Adolf II initiated the approval process during his time in office. University of Mainz official transcript, The university, however, was first opened in 1477 by Adolf’s successor to the bishopric, Diether von Isenburg. In 1784 the university was opened up for Protestants and Jews (curator Anselm Franz von Bentzel-Sternau). It became one of the largest Catholic universities in Europe with ten chairs in theology alone. fake University of Mainz transcript, In the confusion after the establishment of the Mainz Republic of 1792 and its subsequent recapture by the Prussians, academic activity came to a gradual standstill. how to buy University of Mainz transcript, In 1798 the university became active again under French governance, and lectures in the department of medicine took place until 1823. Only the faculty of theology continued teaching during the 19th century, albeit as a theological seminary (since 1877 “College of Philosophy and Theology”).

The current Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz was founded in 1946 by the French occupying power. In a decree on 1 March the French military government implied that the University of Mainz would continue to exist: the university shall be “enabled to resume its function”. The remains of anti-aircraft warfare barracks erected in 1938 after the remilitarization of the Rhineland during the Third Reich served as the university’s first buildings and are still in use today.

The continuation of academic activity between the old university and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, in spite of an interruption spanning over 100 years, is contested. During the time up to its reopening, only a seminary and midwifery college survived.