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Hochschule Mainz diploma
Hochschule Mainz diploma

Mainz University of Applied Sciences is a famous national university of applied sciences located in Mainz, the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Buy a Hochschule Mainz diploma, The German name is Fachhochschule Mainz University of Applied Sciences, so it is also translated as Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

Mainz University of Applied Sciences is mainly composed of three colleges: the Institute of Technology, the School of Design, and the School of Business. buy Hochschule Mainz diploma, The professors all have a high academic level, that is, a doctoral diploma, and have worked in the corresponding field for more than 8 years and have achieved corresponding achievements. Therefore, the Mainz University of Applied Sciences focuses more on practice in teaching on the basis of a solid academic foundation. fake Hochschule Mainz diploma online, Business schools are highly competitive and require students to be proficient in at least three languages ​​to qualify, so most business school students can master four or five languages.

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The business school occupies a relatively large proportion of the whole school, divided into 5 undergraduate programs and 11 master’s programs. Hochschule Mainz fake diploma, The college pays special attention to the selection of professors, and professors must achieve certain achievements in related fields of work after obtaining a doctorate degree.

For example, the professor who teaches finance has worked in the European Central Bank (Frankfurt) for many years and has achieved good results. The professor who teaches strategic management has been a senior consultant at McKinsey and then transferred to the world’s leading smart card company as a senior vice president. how to buy Hochschule Mainz diploma, A leading European large-scale equipment company that has been an assistant to the president and so on. Therefore, some majors of the business school are among the best in the CHE German professional rankings, and of course, the selection of students is also more demanding.

The school is located on the beautiful Rhine River, Mainz, the capital of the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. On the other side of Mainz is Wiesbaden, the capital of Hesse. where to buy Hochschule Mainz diploma, The two cities together form a twin city. It is very close to Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany. Students can take the subway to the center of Frankfurt in half an hour and Frankfurt International Airport in 20 minutes.