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An Okanagan College degree sample in Business Administration

Okanagan College degree
Okanagan College degree

Okanagan College is a public, comprehensive institution of higher education. Okanagan College degree, Founded in 1963, OUC is one of the five largest university colleges in British Columbia. Okanagan College has five campuses, offers undergraduate, professional and certificate training programs to 7,200 students and continuing education programs to more than 30,000 students and has a high quality, committed faculty and staff.

Okanagan College is located in Kelowna, about one hour from Vancouver by air or four hours by car. Okanagan College business degree, The beautiful scenery of the area provides a quality living and study environment for all residents and students who come to study in Kelowna. and water sports.

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It combines the best features of the university and college traditions and has approximately 7,000 students, including over 200 international students from around the world, including Asia, Europe and Latin America. Okanagan College teaching degree, In 1989, Okanagan College began offering undergraduate education in conjunction with Columbia University and the University of Victoria, and in 1995, Okanagan College was granted a separate bachelor’s degree.

The university offers students a full range of academic, living and recreational sports facilities. The university has an international student services office and a Chinese-speaking student advisor to provide guidance to Chinese students in all aspects of course selection and living. Okanagan College accounting degree, The Okanagan region is one of the most scenic, temperate and clean air regions in Canada. The entire region is located along Lake Okanagan, in a large valley in the Rocky Mountains, and is surrounded by mountains and water. The climate is similar to that of Beijing, with four distinct seasons and temperatures roughly comparable to Beijing. Okanagan College finance degree, In winter, skiing is the most common sport, and in summer you can swim, water ski, etc. The local residents are mainly of European immigrant descent, with few Asians, and the residents are very friendly with each other and the safety factor is high.