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United Kingdom Passport
United Kingdom Passport

British citizen

British citizenship is the most common type of British nationality and the only one that automatically grants residency in the UK with a British passport. This citizenship may be acquired by naturalization or registration by any eligible person by birth or through connection with the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man (“United Kingdom and Islands”); buy United Kingdom Passport, the Falkland Islands; or, since 2002, one of the remaining British Overseas Territories (BOT), apart from Akrotiri and Dhekelia

British subject A British subject (as defined in the 1981 Act) means a British subject who is not a citizen of CUHK or any other Commonwealth country. UK Passport, Most people’s British subject status comes from pre-1949 British India or the Republic of Ireland.

British nationals (overseas)

Citizens of the British Overseas Territories who were not registered as British Nationals (Overseas) on 30 June 1997 and had no other nationality or citizenship became British Overseas Citizens on 30 June 1997.

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The British government announced on July 1, 2020, that after China implemented the national security law in Hong Kong, they will open a new immigration route to provide 5 years (of residency) for nationals (BO) of Hong Kong. real United Kingdom Passport, About 2.5 million people in Hong Kong are expected to benefit.

British National (Overseas) (BN(O)) The status of BN(O) arose from the Hong Kong Act 1985 and the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Order 1986. BN(O)S are BDTCs, connected with Hong Kong, and applied for registration as BN(O)S before Hong Kong was handed over to the People’s Republic of China. buy British Passport, British Protected Persons (BPP) The BPP derives from parts of the British Empire which are protectorates or protectorates with nominally independent rulers, “protected” by the British crown, rather than part of the official rule. buy real British Passport, BPP’s status is unique – BPP is not citizens of the Commonwealth (“British subjects in the old sense”) and are not traditionally considered British nationals, but are not foreigners either.

British Overseas Territories Citizenship (BOTC)

BOTC is a form of British citizenship held through a link with any British Overseas Territory (BOT). Can hold BOTC and British citizenship at the same time.