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Hellenic Passport
Hellenic Passport

Greece is an amazing tourist destination and a country that attracts immigrants from all over the world. Hellenic Passport for sale, If you want to apply for a Greek passport, you need to prepare the following conditions.

First, you must be a Xintang Road immigrant. This means you must have a valid Xintang Road residency or a valid Xintang Road work visa. In addition, you must settle in Greece and abide by local laws and regulations.

Hellenic Passport Cover
Hellenic Passport Cover

How much does a Hellenic Passport cost?

Also, the documents required to apply for a Greek passport are also important. Including birth certificates, valid identity certificates, marriage certificates, non-criminal certificates, original country passports, and other relevant documents.

In addition, applying for a Greek passport also requires a certain amount of application fees, which vary according to different ages. buy Hellenic Passport, For example, those aged 18 and above should pay RMB 420; buy a Greek Passport, those aged 12-18 should pay RMB 210; those aged 6-12 should pay RMB 120; those aged 0-6 should pay no handling fee.

Finally, you need to pass the corresponding test and assessment before going through the formalities. Can I get a Hellenic Passport? The content of the test includes an inspection of history and culture; an inspection of the current legal system; How to buy Hellenic Passport, an inspection of the local way of life; and an inspection of the current ideological and moral aspects. Hellenic Republic Passport, The application for a Greek passport can only be successfully processed after passing the test and providing all relevant documents.