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CIE Higher School Certificate
CIE Higher School Certificate

Arcadia Academy is a Cambridge International School, accredited by Cambridge International Examinations, the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications for 5 to 19-year-old, and part of the University of Cambridge. Fake CIE Higher School Certificate.

We are accredited for the Primary and Lower Secondary (Secondary 1) programme (Years 1-9, ages 5-14), IGCSE programme (Years 10 and 11, ages 14-16) and A-levels (Years 12 and 13, age 16-18). The bedrock of the school’s strength is its focus on high academic achievement, delivered through high expectations of all students and staff. CIE Higher School Certificate diploma, The curriculum offer remains inclusive within the framework of a British curriculum, with an international twist, and is developing significant elements of innovation that will equip students well for the future.

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The pupils’ default position of mutual support, their astonishing ability in the arts and sport and their confidence when addressing their peers, visitors and staff. A reputation for excellence and an emphasis on outstanding teaching, academic achievement, service to others, teamwork and leadership. How to get CIE Higher School Certificate, Cambridge International for preschool helps to prepare pupils for the challenges they will face later on; fake CIE Higher School Certificate, we focus on literacy, maths, practical life, personal, social, physical and emotional development as well as expressive arts and design. In following the Jolly Phonics schemes of work, children are innovatively introduced to early phonetic skills. buy CIE Higher School Certificate, They investigate a new letter sound each week, exploring the words associated with the letter and undertaking related activities.

Many of the tasks they participate in also help to develop their muscular coordination and sensorial skills. where to buy CIE Higher School Certificate, We appreciate that children learn at different speeds and in different ways; our preschool education aims to accommodate a range of learning styles while readying pupils for the next step on their journey of educational discovery.