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Arkansas CPA certificate
Arkansas CPA certificate

To become a CPA in most states, you need to qualify based on your education, experience, ethics exam scores, and CPA examination scores. For the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy, you will need a minimum of 150 undergraduate credit hours, though you can sit for the exam when you are still 30 credits shy of this requirement. fake Arkansas CPA certificate, Of your 150 credits, 30 undergraduate hours must be in upper-level courses or you can use 20 hours of graduate course credit.

For experience, the state board requires one year in any of these accounting environments: private, governmental, academic, or public accountancy. Arkansas CPA certificate license, Luckily for you, Arkansas’ requirement for ethics is quite light. where to buy Arkansas CPA certificate, Candidates for a CPA license only need to take a one-hour self-study course and pass a 30-item test with 22 correct answers.

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If you are from out of state, or out of the country, Arkansas will still welcome you. The state has no in-state residency or citizenship requirements for CPA candidates. However, you will need to have a Social Security number and be eligible to work in the country. Arkansas certified public accountants, Arkansas also has no age requirements, so if you are a particularly talented person, you might be able to practice accountancy before you can legally drive.

The educational requirements in Arkansas are quite specific. Arkansas CPA society certificate, To sit for the test, you needn’t have a bachelor’s degree, but you do need to meet certain requirements. how to get Arkansas CPA certificate, Your coursework must include 30 semester hours in upper-level accounting courses and 20 hours in other business-related, non-accountancy courses.